Fee Structure Nursery

ELF Land
Mahaveer Nagar-Jaipur
Fee Chart for the session 2015-2016
Installments Nur-Prep
1 2750
2 2640
3 2640
4 2640
5 2640
6 2640
7 2750
Total 18700
Fee payment Schedule

The fee for one academic session is broken down into7 installments and coincides with a particular class and is to be taken as schedule of each month the due date is 8th of each month.

1st installment at the time of admission/ or in the month of April, 2nd due in month of july, 3rd due in the month of August, 4th Installment in monthg of September, 5th due in month of October, 6th due in month of December, 7th in month of January.

For New Admission: - (Once Only)

Nur- Prep 3300

Please Note:-
  • Conveyance Fee is according to distance; fee will be charged for 11 months.
  • Please note Fee once deposited will not be refunded.