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Fancy Dress -V
  • 18-08-2018

    Nukkad Natak VII-VIII
  • 22-08-2018

    Special Assembly
    EID Class-V
  • 23-08-2018

  • 25-08-2018

    Special Assembly - II
  • 26-08-2018

    Raksha Bandhan
  • 27-08-2018

    ELF Land Movie Day
  • 28-08-2018

    Sports Day of India Inter Class
    Athletics Events I-V
  • 29-08-2018

    Mock Drill Safety during
    National Disaster
  • 31-08-2018

    Special Assembly
    ELF Land
    Janmashtmi Celebration
    • 27-07-2018

      Special Assembly
      Guru Poornima XII
    • 01-08-2018

      Inter Branch Quiz Competition IV-V
    • 11-08-2018

    • 13-08-2018

      National Integrity Week Visit to Historical Museum - III
    • 14-08-2018

      Fancy Dress
      National Heroes-I
      Group Song - II
      Group Dance -IV
    • 15-08-2018

      Independence Day Celebration
    • 16-08-2018

      Inter Class Debate -IX-X
      Class presentation My Hero-V
    • 17-08-2018

      Group Discussion –XI

    Admissions Criteria

    Age Criteria – Nursery (3+ Years)

                        K.G. (4+ Years)

                      Preparatory (5+Years)




    Nursery is an entrance level to Elf Land our curriculum at this stage is planned to develop Language and communication skills. Sensory and Fine motor skills are promoted along with emotional, social and creative skills. Pre mathematic concept is introduced in addition to introduction to numbers. Story Telling, Clay work, Art and craft, Music and Dance is weived into the curriculum to nurture creative thinking and enable articulation of ideas.

    Kindergarten is the second level of Elf Land. Our curriculum in KG  re-enforces the development started at the Nursery level. Further development of expression, General Awareness, vocabulary, mathematical concept is introduced fervently. Children work and play with words and objects to develop and improve speaking and language skills.

    Preparatory  Level - the third group of Elf Land  at this level we further  strengthen the acquired abilities of second and first level.  Carefully selected books and  systematically structured activities and are planned to promote their communication, writing and reading skills.



    Preparatory curriculum  also incorporates: -

    ·          Introduction to Computer Science.

    ·         Everyday Science

    ·         Geometrical concepts