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Fancy Dress -V
  • 18-08-2018

    Nukkad Natak VII-VIII
  • 22-08-2018

    Special Assembly
    EID Class-V
  • 23-08-2018

  • 25-08-2018

    Special Assembly - II
  • 26-08-2018

    Raksha Bandhan
  • 27-08-2018

    ELF Land Movie Day
  • 28-08-2018

    Sports Day of India Inter Class
    Athletics Events I-V
  • 29-08-2018

    Mock Drill Safety during
    National Disaster
  • 31-08-2018

    Special Assembly
    ELF Land
    Janmashtmi Celebration
    • 27-07-2018

      Special Assembly
      Guru Poornima XII
    • 01-08-2018

      Inter Branch Quiz Competition IV-V
    • 11-08-2018

    • 13-08-2018

      National Integrity Week Visit to Historical Museum - III
    • 14-08-2018

      Fancy Dress
      National Heroes-I
      Group Song - II
      Group Dance -IV
    • 15-08-2018

      Independence Day Celebration
    • 16-08-2018

      Inter Class Debate -IX-X
      Class presentation My Hero-V
    • 17-08-2018

      Group Discussion –XI

    Academic Programme



    » Primary (Classes I to V)

    Children step into the real world of academics and discipline. Great care is taken in appointing the faculty so that the foundation is strong and sustainable. In the Primary Classes the fundamental concepts of all the subjects are cleared so as to build a platform for the students to bring out their potential skills.


     Subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer Education, General Knowledge and Moral Education, Drawing and Craft, Music & Dance, Indoor and outdoor games.


    » Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

    At this stage the children are groomed to grow up as more responsible citizens of the world, through a corps of highly dedicated & qualified team of teachers, with the latest teaching techniques and equipment’s. Round the year competitions and programmes are held with a strong emphasis on sports, debates, dramatics, quiz programmes etc.

    Subjects: English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Moral Education, Computer education. The students can also choose co-curricular activities based on their aptitude, abilities and liking. There is a wide range of options available from Art & Craft, Music & Dance, Indoor and Outdoor games.



    » Secondary (Class IX and X)

    We endeavor to provide a platform for students to interact with the communities they live in. Effective education and training in this information intensive world, must be based not only on the dissemination of existing knowledge and skills but on learning needed to facilitate the future needs of our society.


    Subjects: English, Hindi / Sanskrit, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science and Computer Science.


    » Senior Secondary (Class XI and XII)

    Education in its most effective form has always been an exercise in interaction between students and the world around them. Along with the compulsory subjects students get to choose an optional subject. Before opting for any particular field, students are given career counseling where they get a chance to analyze themselves with the help of professionals from various fields so that they can focus on the right career choice for themselves.


    Compulsory Subjects

    Optional Subjects (Any One)


    English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Math/Bio

    I.P., C.Sc., Multimedia & Web Designing, Physical Education, Entrepreneurship, Math, Painting, Economics


    English Core, Accounts, Business Studies, Eco/Math

    I.P., C.Sc., Multimedia & Web Designing, Physical Education, Entrepreneurship, Math, Painting, Economics


    English Core, History, Political Science, Eco/ Math/ Entrepreneurship

    I.P., C.Sc., Multimedia & Web Designing, Physical Education, Entrepreneurship, Math, Painting, Economics